Placido Domingo

Anna Veleva is an opera performer of geat talent and of the highest professional quality. Ms. Veleva possesses a lyric coloratura voice with a beautifull and unique timber coupled with superb technical skill. read more

CAMI Columbia Artists Management

Ms. Veleva is gifted with a profoundly beatiful voice. Very few singers are capable of such unique and charismatic performance. read more

Renata Scotto

Ms. Veleva holds a musicial talent and virtuosity that is rare, that is recognized and she should be treasured as someone who truly possesses extraordinary ability in opera. read more

Bill Schuman

I consider Anna Veleva to be a truly exceptional singer and musician, who has reached the absolute top of her proffession. read more

From Japanese press materials:

... Anna Veleva (Soprano) from Bulgaria, first time in Japan, had her recital in Fukushima city on june 22-nd. She sang famous arias with her mellow and dinamic voice. Audiences were fascinated with her beautiful voice.

...Anna Veleva sang so high tones as if they were not difficult and sang three ancors. Many music fans and students studing music went there and gave her standing applause.  

Nurit Zacaraev

Anna Veleva has a remarkable talent and I am grateful to be learning her genious of music directly from her. She is a dedicated singer and teacher, and her hard work is appreciated. Anna pays attention to detail and helps her students bring out the best that they have within them.  

Chantal Georges

Anna taught me to connect to my true voice. After working with her, I gained the confidence to pursue musical theater auditions and landed my first regional tour.  

Gian Marco Fanelli

Before I took singing lessons with Anna I could barely even match pitch. In no time she had me singing higher and clearer than I thought I could ever do. She got me into my first-choice college, Berklee College of Music, with a scholarship. Anna is an incredible teacher, an amazing vocalist, and a caring, good individual overall.  

Dana Lance

Anna Veleva is a fantastic voice teacher. She was able to open me up to resonance, tone, and pitch in a patient, clear, and exacting manner. I was thrilled with the progress I made while studying with her.  

Don Roth

Saw you for the first time in Fairfield (Feb. 4) and no doubt the most brilliant stage performance I've ever seen! I'm having a hard time trying to put together YOUR future schedule so that I can pick another performance. Is there a current list on the internet? Do you always sing the lead? Is there only one troupe? Is there going to be a 2005 festival in Boston?  

Jason Presnell

Hello. I was in attendance last night (01/26/05) at the La Traviata opera held at UNCG's Aycock Auditorium. I'm 18 and a big fan of classical music but I have never been to a live performance of an opera. So, last night's Verdi was my first and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was very impressed by "Alfredo" and you, Ms. Veleva. Not only was the singing superb, but the orchestra was excellent as well...the flutes especially! Thank you for entertaining me, and making my first opera experience awesome!  

Damien Richards

Needless to say that Anna is my saviour: Anna has help me with my technique.....the ability to project my voice. Before I would put stress on my throat...Anna has taught me awesome technique with using my diaphram......She has helped me with, to me, one of the most important parts of my being able to work with her was a definite pleasure.